Friday, May 4, 2012

There Was An Angel In Our Midst

Do we go with the majority or do we stay in the safety of our beliefs.  Do we speak up for what we believe or do we sit quietly and try not to throw pearls among swine.  How do we separate the sin from the sinner without compromising our souls.  How do we remain loving, when we want to just shake the dust off of our sandals, never to return again.

Our world today so confusing, so many new and unique cultures, beliefs, differences.  There must be that line that is drawn in the sand.  But I believe that line must be drawn before we reach the crossroad.  Way before we come face to face with a situation that is uncomfortable you find yourself reaching for something to take your eyes away from looking or your mouth from speaking and your feet from running.  I myself have always been a runner, I could outrun anything and everyone, I ran so fast, I even ran past myself, a couple of times.  But there are those moments that take your breath away.  Death!!!  It is so unsettling, scary, painful.  Yet how we will handle it is so much more important.  It is hard to be glib when speaking about profound loss and pain.  But this is my mom who left us and I must give her a tribute.  I want to say how much I admired her.  Her strength, innocence, little girl like qualities are forever engraved in my heart.  The violation I feel of her being taken away is so wrong, so selfish.  God needed her to come home.  I call her my angel because, she sacrificed so much for her children.  I never looked at her as a single woman taking care of four children, but that is what she was. She ran a business, she left us with more stories then we can shake a stick at.  She didn't complain, her release was playing cards, until she could no longer do that.  Ironic, even though my parents were divorced my dad did the same thing with his golf, he lost his battle for life when his game of golf got taken away, by the ravage of time.  So now we face life without them.

I am sure there will be a lesson through all of this.  Right now though, while it is still so soon since my mom's passing, here is what is working for me.  Take heart, don't loss faith, when you want to run, run to God, press in until He answers you, bang on His door until He opens it.  After you have done all of this, let Jesus comfort you and give you rest.  Death could not hold Jesus it will not hold any of His believers.  His grave is empty and our loved ones are already with Him.  What we cannot understand only needs our trust, our faith, and belief in God. God will reveal truths to us as we press into Him.  He does not tell us everything because we cannot handle everything.  Trust and believe.  What I think about most  is that, our loved ones  have wings now and will be able to go  anywhere you are as long as you carry them in your heart.  Mom and I spent the morning washing my car and watering my flowers.  Can't wait to see what we will do tomorrow. God Bless, be well.

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