Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Fear Not Only Believe"

I have avoided this article because it seems whatever I decide to write about, I am usually challenged about it.  Now some may say I may be  superstitious, well, if you follow me at all,  there some common threads that  persist in my writings.  Because I believe there is power, "in them there words,"  I must also believe, "there is power in them there words."  When I write an article about a particle subject, I am subject, (excuse the pun),  to  sort of a test.  Yikes, hate tests, love God.  Anyway, here we go again.

Fear is a horrible thing.  I really don't know what it is good for.  Well maybe, it prevents us from doing a dangerous thing for fear of pain and suffering, or because we learned the hard way  it can harm us, or maybe it prevents us from not protecting ourselves from potential  threats.   So, okay, fear in some forms is not all bad.  What I am talking about, is the kind of fear that paralyzes you.  This fear, has no benefits.  This fear destroys your life, it controls all of your decisions and leaves you helpless.  I really didn't realize to what extent I was being led by fear, because,  I pretty much stayed in my comfort zone.  As I got older and decided to receive unconditional love, I began to go out of my comfort zone, I realized, oh my gosh, what have I done.

It is a horrible thing to think that for most of your entire life, you have been controlled by fear.  Decisions you thought that were of you own free will, were not of your own free will.  Yikes, it is sobering.  I realized that fear is not only the kind  that makes you hold your breath until it is over, but the kind that makes you stop experiencing  the present, that is the one that is so harmful.  Let me explain.
When your fear is such that the present is just not bearable, so that you either go back to the past to where you felt something familiar,( thus relive it), or go so far into the future that the present is over, then that,  is the kind of fear that paralyzes you.  Now I understand that sometimes, we must do these two exercises for survival, I really do.  However, doing this all of the time, only brings you back to the same experiences, where we do the same things we've done over and over again.  Nothing will change or get better.  Like the dictionary says in it's definition of  insanity.  "Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting a different result."

In conclusion,  Luke chapter 8, tells about a man named Jairus who was attacked by fear. He knew who Jesus was, so he asked Jesus to come to his home to heal his daughter who was deathly ill.  Jesus agreed to go and while they were on their way, they were stopped by some of Jairus' servants, telling them that his little girl had died.  Jesus' response to it was to tell Jairus, "Fear not, believe only."

Now, from the account of the story, I think we can assume that Jairus must have already known of Jesus and of his healing power.  Sometimes when we are standing in faith Satan will try to interrupt that flow of faith with an attack of fear.  Now  fear can be different things for different people, jealousy, rejection, loneliness, pride, lack of self worth or plain old, "what will people think of me?"  What Jesus is saying is, "Don't doubt what you've already been believing."  In other words, "Keep on believing!!"  Do not give into fear, keep moving forward in faith, believing God's Word and expecting our miracle.  Jairus continued to believe Jesus and his little girl was restored to life!  What do you need restored?